Planning Commission

Taylor Pic   Linda Taylor

Planning Commission Member since 2013 who has thrown herself into community organizations and activities.  An RN and Clinical Manager at a women’s healthcare facility; mother of seven; and a grandmother, Linda cares about Brookfield’s present and future.


George Blass

Mel's Planning Picture  Mel Butow

When Mel and his wife, Sharon retired, ( Mel was a C.E.O. and held various financial positions for over 35+ years and Sharon a N.Y.C. School Teacher) they decided to relocate and be near their children and grand-children.  After living on Long Island, N.Y. for all of their lives, they were looking for a nice town that was close to their family.

 After driving the Real Estate agent into a frenzy, they visited some Condos in  Brookfield and immediately fell in love with the town.  They moved into Brookfield in  November 2013.

 Mel had a strong desire to serve Brookfield using his business expertise and organization skills. When he noticed a posting mentioning a vacancy on the Planning Commission, he applied and became a member of the Commission.     Mel also is currently serving as President of the Condo Association he lives in.

 Mel is looking forward to  continuing  to serve on the Planning Commission and being involved in the town that he and his wife fell in love with.

bio2  George Blass

Meet George Blass, candidate for re-election to the Brookfield Planning Commission.

A Sherman native, George has lived with his wife – Board of Education Member and Brookfield native Eve Sturdevant, and their daughter Jacqueline (a graduate student) for over 23 years. He served for four years on the Brookfield Republican Town Committee and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

George is also the owner of a successful manufacturing company located in New Milford. Having started the business 23 years ago from ground up, George’s company works with a diverse clientele supply parts to customers all over the globe.

“After serving as an alternate on the planning commission for 2 years, I was unanimously voted on as a full member at the time an opening came up. I have enjoyed my time on the commission and feel I’m helping to preserve and maintain our town as well as shape it’s future. I am dedicated to representing our townspeople and their points of view concerning development.”